25th Intensive Seminar on the EU
A seminar tailored to your needs
Bruges & Brussels, Belgium
2 - 20 July 2018

What is the Intensive Seminar?

The Intensive Seminar on the European Union is a three-, two- or one-week training programme providing professionals with in-depth knowledge and practical skills on EU decision-making and policies. Participants can choose between three different programmes, depending on their prior level and experience on EU affairs:

  • For participants who seek to gain a thorough understanding or to refresh their knowledge on the EU, we propose a comprehensive programme covering the institutional framework and the EU's main internal and external policies: see the Classic three-week programme;
  • Participants that already possess a good knowledge of the EU institutional framework are invited to join the Advanced two-week programme allowing them to benefit from a full analysis of both the internal and external policies of the EU;
  • Participants who are well familiarised with both the institutional framework and the EU's policies are invited to join the Compact one-week programme on the European Commission priorities, which offers a practical review of the current initiatives of the European Commission.

The three programmes focus on the latest developments of the EU and are practice-oriented; the seminar aims to improve participants’ professional skills and performance when working on EU affairs.

The seminar will be organised for the 25th year in a row in the Bruges campus of the College of Europe and is the flagship programme among the College of Europe Development Executive Education courses.

Why participate?

Each year, a group of 40 to 80 highly motivated professionals from all over the world representing the public and private sectors, civil society and academia participate in the Intensive Seminar to improve their EU knowledge and skills.

The programme offers an intensive and practice-oriented learning experience in a truly international environment giving you the possibility to:

  • Improve, extend and update your current knowledge and understanding of the EU through the numerous analytical and practice-oriented sessions and choose the programme that best corresponds to your needs;
  • Strengthen your professional skills through exercises in managing the information flow in EU affairs, communication, presentation, negotiation techniques and lobbying practice;
  • Attend training courses in both English and French;
  • Experience the Brussels world during and after the sessions with EU practitioners and during a visit to the EU institutions while participating in the Classic programme;
  • Enjoy a unique opportunity to debate the EU and extend your personal and professional network with participants from over 30 different countries;
  • Benefit from the College’s European Documentation Centre and Library - one of the world’s largest repositories of EU information materials.

What former participants say:

Each year, the Intensive Seminar welcomes participants from all over the world and from diverse professional backgrounds. Read about their experiences at the College here and below.

"A l’heure où l’Europe s’interroge sur son identité et ses missions, l’Intensive Seminar est une occasion rare et précieuse d’ elargirélargir ses horizons. J’en garderai un excellent souvenir."
Marie Silin
Attachée Relations, Ville de Paris
Participant of the 2015 Classic three-week programme


"A most rewarding and unforgettable experience at every level - academically, professionally and socially. The Intensive Seminar on the EU was an excellent introduction to the EU enabling me to obtain a profound understanding of Europe, its institutions and decision-making process and much more."
Florenz von Ostman
Lawyer at the European Space Agency (ESA)
Participant of the 2015 Advanced two-week programme

"Within a week I was able to capture the essentials of the EU and its recent developments. Thanks to the fascinating discussions with my classmates, professors and College team, it was a truly enjoyable experience."
Inna Perova
Communications Officer, CEMBUREAU
Participant of the 2014 Compact one-week programme