COMPACT one-week programme on the European Commission priorities: Juncker’s legacy: looking ahead to 2020-2024



The Compact one-week programme focuses on the European Commission priorities. It is specifically designed for professionals with working experience in EU affairs who wish to closely monitor the main  initiatives undertaken by the Commission and to gain insights on how to better interact with this EU institution.

The Compact one-week programme is constructed around the European Commission Work Programmes (2015-2019), which lay out the main legislative initiatives the Juncker’s Commission has been working on. This course offers participants the possibility to evaluate what the Commission has been able to deliver and to reflect on the topics that will shape European policy-making during the next term.

This one-week programme will assess selected key initiatives from the Commission Work Programmes of the past 5 years and present an analysis of trends and results whilst also looking ahead to the next term. The programme will also include a lobbying component, providing insights on how to effectively influence the legislative process.

By doing this stocktaking exercise, participants will be able to obtain a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in EU affairs from a very practical point of view and to gain insight on new pieces of legislation that might be crucial for their respective organisations. A keynote speech, a panel discussion on a relevant topic and networking events will round off the seminar.

As an executive course, the Compact programme relies on a high level of participation from the audience, creating the right atmosphere for fruitful exchanges among trainers and participants as well as among participants themselves.

In a nutshell, the Compact one-week programme will cover:
  • An analysis of main initiatives from the European Commission Work Programme (2015-2019).
  • How to work with the EU: lobbying strategies, REFIT Platform, new comitology procedures.
  • A panel discussion and a keynote speech on fundamental questions for the future of Europe from the perspective of high-level officials and practitioners.
For more details, you can download the 2019 programme here. The 2020 one will be shortly uploaded. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. Please note that this course can be tailor made on demand for specific groups.
The College of Europe reserves the right to revise the structure until further notice.