DO Newsletter 2013 Issue N°1


»20th Intensive Seminar on the EU

:: Bruges, 1-19 / 8-19 / 8-12 July 2013
All you need to know about EU decision-making and policies! Choose from one- to three-week courses tailored to your level of experience.

Few seats left!!!! Registration open till 14 June 2013 for Classic & Advanced and 21 June 2013 for Compact.

» EU Competition Law

:: Bruges, 8-12 July 2013
Deepen your knowledge and develop the professional skills necessary to master the legal complexities of EU competition law and overcome daily challenges at work.

Few seats left!!!! Registration open till 21 June 2013.

» EU Diplomacy

:: Bruges, 14-18 October 2013
Grasp the complexities of the EU Diplomacy with a specialised training programme designed to learn and better understand the EU external relations after the launching of the EEAS.

Register by 31 July 2013 to receive a 10% reduction on the registration fee.

» Trade Policy

:: Bruges, 28-30 October 2013
Improve, extend and update your knowledge and understanding of the EU's trade Policy and international trade law through an innovative and interactive training programme.

Register by 31 July 2013 to receive a 10% reduction on the registration fee.

» EU Negotiations in Practice

:: Bruges, 18-22 November 2013
The principles and practice of EU decision-making including a two-day simulation exercise.

Register by 31 July 2013 to receive a 10% reduction on the registration fee.

» EU Project Management

:: Bruges, 18-22 November 2013
A one-week interactive journey along the life of EU projects, from fund raising through to tender writing, project implementation and evaluation.

Register by 31 July 2013 to receive a 10% reduction on the registration fee.

»EU Fact Finding

:: Brussels, 11 October 2013
A half-day fact finding mission to guide you through the ‘labyrinth' of EU-related websites.

Register by 9 September 2013 to receive a 10% reduction on the registration fee



Armenia - The College of Europe continues supporting the diplomatic world

The College of Europe Development Office has been awarded with the two-year project: "Support to the Diplomatic Academy in Armenia". The overall objective of this initiative is to enhance the strategic development, capacity building and sustainability of the Academy.
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Algérie - Formation pour les stagiaires diplomates algériens de l'Institut Diplomatique et de Relations Internationales (IDRI)

Suite au succès de la formation organisée en Avril 2012 par le Service de Développement pour les stagiaires diplomates algériens, l'IDRI a décidé de renouveler cet évènement en envoyant cette année l'ensemble des stagiaires de la promotion 2013 à Bruges.

Maroc - Renforcement des capacités de l'Académie Marocaine d'Etudes Diplomatiques (AMED)

Notre collègue du Service de Développement, Mlle Anne-Claire Zirnhelt, gestionnaire de projet, rentre tout juste de Rabat (Maroc) où elle a pu observer la mise en place du projet de coopération académique entre le Collège d'Europe et l'Académie Marocaine d'Etudes Diplomatiques (AMED) démarrée en Septembre 2012.

Training Seminar on Reporting Skills for the Permanent Representation of Sweden to the EU

On 22 May 2013, the College of Europe Development Office has organised a training on "Reporting Skills" for the Permanent Representation of Sweden to the EU, which took place in the Madariaga - College of Europe Foundation in Brussels


Interview with David O'Sullivan

On 25 April, the Alumni Association of the College of Europe awarded Mr David O'Sullivan (Adam Jerzy Czartoryski Promotion, 1975-1976) Alumnus of the year 2013. Currently Chief Operating Officer of the European External Action Service, Mr O'Sullivan will come back to the College of Europe this summer on the occasion of a panel discussion on: 'The European External Action Service: A Foreign Ministry of the European Union?'. As a foretaste, we already had the chance to ask him a few questions.

Mr David O'Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer of the EEAS

« The EEAS is not, and never will be a traditional Foreign Ministry. It is not meant to supplant national ministries. Rather we seek to complement their actions and make European foreign policy stronger as a result – as the HR/VP likes to say, it's 'a grab for efficiency not for power'. »

To your mind, what has improved since the European External Action Service (EEAS) has been established?

The European External Action Service was established just over two and a half years ago. In this short period of time the service – under the leadership of High Representative/Vice President Catherine Ashton – visibly improved the coordination of the EU's external action.

The most immediate priority of the EEAS has been the promotion of a comprehensive approach to foreign policy. Compared to the previous system of six-monthly presidencies, the Treaty of Lisbon has introduced more continuity in the EU's external representation, in Brussels and around the world where the EEAS is present with over 140 EU Delegations. The EEAS now coordinates the EU's bilateral and multilateral relations with the crisis management structures that were previously part of the Council Secretariat.


¿Eres experto en temas europeos, relaciones internacionales, comercio o desarrollo, y dominas el español? – ¡Envíanos tu CV actualizado!

En el marco de nuestras actividades de consultoría y formación estamos actualmente desarrollando proyectos en Centro y Latino-América. Por ello, estamos expandiendo nuestra red de expertos en la región.

Project award: Framework contract for provision of training services for the Certification Programme

As part of the winning consortium, the College of Europe has recently been awarded by the European Commission the Framework contract for provision of training services for the Certification Programme. The contracting authority is the European School of Administration, formally attached to the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO), which is itself considered part of the European Commission. The implementation period is of four years.

EU-Canada Young Journalist Award Study Visit in Brussels

From 17 to 21 June 2013, three young promising Canadian journalists will take part in a visit to the European Institutions in Brussels organised by the College of Europe Development Office, as part of their prize for winning the EU-Canada Young Journalist Award, organised yearly by the EU Delegation in Canada.
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Training for Chinese officials on EU Competition law

On 8-19 July 2013, the College of Europe Development Office will organise a tailor-made Competition Summer School for Chinese Officials. The beneficiaries of this training programme are thirty Chinese officials working in the field of competition.

ENP Training Seminars – from Barcelona to Natolin (Warsaw)

After the successful EUROMED Training Seminar organised in Barcelona in April 2013, the College of Europe Development Office will now organise five seminars on the external aspects of EU internal policies (Trade, Energy, Environment and Agriculture) and on the Eastern Partnership, in the College campus of Natolin in June-July 2013 – all of them are part of the ENP Regional Project "Preparing staff for EU-ENP related jobs", training about 170 officials coming from the ENP partner countries.

UNU-CRIS - The Comparative Interdisciplinary Studies Section (CISS) of the International Studies Association (ISA) and UNU-CRIS co-organise a Conference in Bruges on 19-20 June 2013

The CISS/UNU-CRIS Joint Conference titled "Cooperation, Integration and Alliances: Regional and Global Perspectives, Challenges and Solutions" will explore integrative and cooperative policies and institutional structures to meet the variety of challenges that confront the interconnected world of the twenty-first century. These challenges span a wide range of economic, political, social and cultural dimensions.
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