The EU Competition Law training programme is organized in a modular structure, with a strong focus on the theory and practice of EU competition law (from an advanced introduction to a highly technical level). During this course, a series of modules are dispatched for reduced groups of participants at a time, allowing for a very interactive training format.

The programme of the EU Competition Law course systematically covers:

  • The constituent provisions of EU competition law and the merger regulation;
  • Specific business phenomena (through a modular approach) – joint ventures, cartels, distribution agreements and licenses of intellectual property rights, paying special attention to how the law impacts upon each of them;
  • Analysis of the latest developments on EU Competition law i.e. judicial review, digital economy (abuses by digital platforms), EUMR, ECN+, etc;
  • Examination of the latest cases - each module includes not only an advanced analysis of the topic but a practical approach including the analysis of the latest case studies;
  • The final modules focus on specific problems of EU competition law procedure and enforcement.


To enhance the experience, the programme includes a keynote speech/talk, intended to provide a platform for discussion between the participants and a high-level competition practitioner or EU official.


Throughout the different sessions, practical simulations and case studies are carried out for each topic in focus. Debriefing sessions and active discussions are also key elements of this advanced training course.

The 2021 online programme can be downloaded here. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. Please note that this course can be tailor made on demand for specific groups.


"The course offers a unique opportunity to take an in-depth look into European Competition law dynamics, including the abuse of dominance, agreements, merger control and State aids. The Executive Education training programme is case driven, allowing participants not only to update their knowledge on recent developments but also to assess with antitrust practitioners the actual implications of each case for businesses in Europe and elsewhere. The discussions with lecturers and peer participants on these developments is also a great opportunity to fully grasp how antitrust rules will shape and evolve in Europe in the coming years."
Mr Alvaro Ramos
Competition law trainer