The course consists in an online workshop delivered in two half days.


On 25 October 2022, two days before the starting of the workshops, a "Getting Connected" session is foreseen from 9h00 to 10h00 to allow everyone to become familiar with the Webex learning environment and do a gear-check. A College's staff member will be present to introduce the platform and the way the workshops will be delivered.

The first day - 27 October 2022, during the EU Fact Checking workshop, participants will analyse the current situation regarding fake news as well as identify reliable sources to find EU Information and News, EU Legal texts and EU Glossaries and Terminology. From 9h00 to 12h15.
The second day - 28 October 2022, during the EU Fact Finding workshop, participants will expand their skills, going deeper into EU institutions and EU staff, EU Policies and Documents, Repositories, EU History, EU Statistics, EU Programmes and Tenders, and EU Dialogue with Civil society and Business. From 9h00 to 11h45.

Download the 2022 online programme here!


More information:

  • The workshops have a practical approach. Participants are continuously putting into practice what the lecturer is explaining, thanks to the use of their computers.
  • Individual/ group problem solving is encouraged during the implementation of the modules and participants can define thematic searches on the spot.
  • Participants are asked to fill in a questionnaire before their participation to the course to guarantee that their main interests and difficulties when using EU websites will be addressed.