EU Project Management
The design and management of projects from A to Z

16-20 November 2020

Bruges, Belgium
7-11 June 2021

COVID-19 NOTE / In line with the changing protocol surrounding the COVID-19 and the recommendations from Belgian authorities, the course team is mostly working remotely.
We remain entirely committed to offer our services while ensuring at the same time the health, safety and well-being of our community. The November 2020 edition of 'EU Project Management' will take place from 16 to 20 November 2020 in an online format.
You can find the full programme and practical information in the webpages below.

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What is the EU Project Management Training Course?

A one-week interactive journey along the life of EU-funded projects, from programming to project design, proposal writing, budgeting, project implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Through detailed case studies and exercises on key project design and management tools, this interactive training course delivers a comprehensive knowledge of essential techniques for successful, result-oriented and cost-effective management of EU projects.

Designed to assist professionals with grasping the complexities of EU funding schemes and to keep projects on track, our project management training course covers all phases of an EU Project. More specifically, throughout the course, participants learn how to find EU funding opportunities, how to design a project and how to write a project proposal.
Moreover, the course aims to support good management practices and effective decision making throughout the project management cycle – from programming, identification, formulation, to implementation and evaluation.

High level experienced practitioners lead participants through a curriculum based on the latest project management methodologies.

Which methods are used?

The November edition of the course will be delivered fully online on the Cisco Webex and MS Teams training platforms that allow a highly interactive online learning experience.

In both the face-to-face and online editions, the participants will be able to benefit from:
  • Interactive training sessions examining theoretical and practical aspects of EU Project Management;
  • Group practical exercises designed to develop project management essential skills;
  • Case studies based on real-life EU funded projects;
  • Individual and collective feedback giving participants the opportunity to maximise their personal learning experience.

Why participate?

After this one-week training course, you will have gained the necessary know-how and self-confidence to be able to effectively manage EU funded projects.

The programme will offer you the possibility to:

  • Improve, extend and update your knowledge and understanding of the management of EU funded projects;
  • Grasp the complexities of EU funding schemes and gain the knowledge to succeed in a variety of funding opportunities;
  • Strengthen your project design and management skills through numerous practical exercises;
  • Learn and practisce how to properly design and fill in a project Logframe matrix (also referring to OPSYS) that is a cornerstone of further efficient monitoring, successful implementation and evaluation of your project;
  • Master your skills in budgeting your project expenses;
  • Enjoy a unique opportunity to learn in a multicultural atmosphere and extend your personal and professional network;
  • Join the exclusive LinkedIn group for the alumni of the course;
  • Receive a certificate from the College of Europe upon successful completion of the course.

Note from the Former Director of Administration & Finance – College of Europe

“An interactive training methodology and a distinguished faculty of the highest level are the two key elements which make this course a unique training experience.”

Jan De Mondt
Former Director of Administration and Finance - College of Europe