Trade PolicyUnderstanding the essentials of EU Trade Policy, WTO and the EU's trade agreements

18 - 21 October 2021

About the Course

In addressing the trade policy concerns of today’s professionals, the College of Europe has designed its Trade Policy course so to include also the EU’s trade negotiations and key developments such as Brexit. The main purpose of the seminar is to ensure that participants are thoroughly acquainted with the main aspects of EU Trade law and policy, WTO-related issues, and the role played by the EU in the global trade arena.


This four-day course is designed to offer a thorough and detailed introduction to EU trade law and policy, the WTO, and the role played by the EU in the global trade arena. The programme includes a broad overview of the sources, structure and basic principles of international trade law, as well as its main actors and subjects. Furthermore, it offers participants a comprehensive analysis of the types of bilateral and plurilateral trade agreements as well as the EU’s trade policies and aspirations in a geopolitical sense.


The course is very interactive and includes a variety of exercises and case studies. The Trade Policy course is designed for lawyers, EU officials, national civil servants, professionals from private institutions, civil society, universities and other institutes from EU and non-EU countries, working in fields related to trade and WTO.

Which methodology is used?


The course will take place on MS Teams, which allows for a highly interactive online learning environment. Participants will be able to:

  • See and interact with the trainers and their peers during the training sessions;
  • Follow the lectures and presentations;
  • Have access to collaborative whiteboards;
  • Take part in different activities in groups;
  • Extend the interaction with fellow participants and trainers thanks to chat channels available throughout the duration of the course and a networking session;
  • Consult training material and resources uploaded in advance.

All in all, it will create a unique virtual space for learning, networking and exchange.

The programme combines training methodologies requiring active participation and guaranteeing a strong interaction among professionals:

  • Dynamic training sessions examining theoretical and practical aspects of trade policy and law;
  • Exercises and case studies designed to challenge and develop essential analytical skills;
  • Collective feedback giving participants the opportunity to maximise their personal learning experience;
  • Active debate among and between experts and participants;
  • A practical course e-folder with material provided prior to the training, which include course information, outlines, handouts, key resources (readings, videos, etc.).

Why participate?

Through this programme, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Improve, extend and update their knowledge and understanding of the EU’s trade policy and international trade law;
  • Identify the legal implications of international trade issues;
  • Place any problem of legal nature in the right context and develop appropriate solutions;
  • Obtain cutting-edge advice and insights from high-level lecturers, with experience working for the EU institutions and/or the WTO;
  • Strengthen their legal and economic analysis skills through practical exercises;
  • Enjoy a unique opportunity to learn in an multicultural environment and extend their personal and professional network;
  • Join the exclusive LinkedIn group for the alumni of the course;
  • Receive a certificate from the College of Europe upon successful completion of the course.

Note from a trainer

“The Trade Policy course is a great forum to talk about the latest developments in EU trade policy. It is great to work with highly motivated and skillful professionals in the beautiful setting of the College of Europe in Bruges. The caliber of the participants makes the course discussions very informative and intense. A real pleasure to be involved in this course as instructor.”

Dr Roberto Rios Herrán
Partner (Warsaw) in the international law firm Appleton Luff