This four-day seminar is designed to give participants a thorough and detailed introduction to EU trade law and policy as well as a comprehensive analysis of the WTO and the international trading system.

The programme offers a practical approach focused on:

  • The European Union and international trade: the EU and its competencies in trade, bilateral trade agreements, and trade negotiations;
  • Introduction to the WTO;
  • Introduction to EU trade law;
  • Plurilateral Agreements: the new approach to trade agreements;
  • Bilateral agreements and examples of bilateral trade agreements incurred by the EU will be analysed through case studies (JEEPA);
  • The General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS);
  • Recent developments affecting EU trade, such as Brexit;
  • Practical exercises.

For more details, you can download the 2021 online programme here. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. Please note that this course can be tailored on demand for specific groups.